REGISTER at your local Southern Baptist Church.  Some churches don't have a designated church contact, so you can contact our association's ministry assistant directly in that case.  See the information on the poster.  


1--I'm not actually Southern Baptist; I go to another church or don't attend church at all.  May I come?

ANSWER:  We'd LOVE to have you.  Just register with your friend at her church, or contact Michele Ring directly.  We've even had whole groups from outside our association come.

2--I have some physical challenges that need accommodations.  May I still come?

ANSWER:  We can accommodate for almost anything!  We just need to know ahead of time is all.  There is probably something we can't accommodate for, but everything we've needed to tackle so far we've been able to do.  There is an elevator in the main building, plenty of outlets for CPAP's, ways to handle walking or stairs, etc.  Just let us know and we'll work it out, if at all possible.  

CLICK HERE for Registration Materials:  2022 TVSBA Women's Retreat Registration and Information


We'd love to have you join us!  We will have Rebekah Perkins as our main speaker, small group prayer/share after each session,  break out sessions on various subjects, some free time on Saturday afternoon to see local sites, late-night game times for those interested, love, and laughter.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Michele Ring at 208-442-4448.